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A New Breed of Wellness

Reconnect is a unique wellness program that combines functional breathing, breath training + cold exposure to help you get back into your body. Combining history, anatomy, ground-breaking technology, our system will give you MORE control, LESS stress, and GREATER mental clarity. We want to help you reconnect to the healing powers of your body.

Functional breathing

Learn to kick dysfunctional habits that drain your energy, destroy your focus, and welcome disease.

Breath training

Incorporate routines that put you back in control of your mental health.


cold exposure

Gain insight into how cold water can redefine the way you manage stress and overcome fears.


Reconnect from Home


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Susan Jakabos, Hungary

I met the Reconnect team during a very difficult time in my life. Their support and guidance have completely transformed my life, both physically and mentally.


Tanya Pence, U.S.A.

Through this experience I have met so many absolutely wonderful people and I have watched fear turn to amazement.

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Pauline McGuire, Canada

What I experienced was unbelievable. The changes in body, as well as my mental & emotional state were profound.


Mark Hanson, Germany

 If you haven't done anything like this before and you don't really know if it is for you - just do it, you won't regret it.

What people are saying about the experience

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