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WHY Stasis?

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Meet Your Teacher

I do this work because I was there: depression, anxiety, insomnia, addiction. I felt the hopelessness. And I almost lost my life. Luckily, I discovered a practice so simple I was able to do it on my couch. After a very short period of time, my depression was gone, my anxiety disappeared, my insomnia was a thing of the past, and my life was back in my control. Stasis is designed to do the same for get you back in control.

The process is transformative, fun, and might be the most empowering experience of your life.

Through Stasis You'll learn:

-How breathing affects:





-Why poor breathing leads to poor health

-How to re-align your body

-How to stop clinging to negative thoughts & emotions

-How to use your breathe to calm your mind

-To master anxiety

-How to address fear or anger in a healthy way

6 or 12 weeks 
of coaching
Whatsapp support in between sessions
Weekly Zoom sessions
Follow up emails with reminders/content
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