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Cold Exposure Training & Workshops

ReConnect specializes in education and cold therapy training services. As the popularity of cold exposure continues to explode, we visit hotels and wellness centers looking to add cold therapy classes as a service to their guests and train staff to safely and effectively deliver high quality experiences to their guests.



Having delivered hundreds of ice baths to thousands of tourists and locals alike, we have a wealth of expertise delivering best in class experiences.


5 star ratings across all major review platforms. Consistently positive feedback from hundreds of regular members.



As well as many years of personal ice bath experience, instructors also hold qualifications in CPR, Oxygen Advantage, Peak Flow, and the Whole Health Project.


"A powerful experience. This training opened my eyes not only to the breath and the ice practice, but to the healing powers of my mind and body as well. Kevin is a great guide and facilitator, with the best of intentions and completely embodying his teachings. If you have the opportunity to be part of the next training, jump at it! I highly recommend."

-Marcia Collado, Starwell 

"I learned a lot with Kevin during the ReConnect Advanced Cold Training. The information was presented in a way that was very easy to understand and with super practical applications. ¡Gracias Kevin!"

-Charlie, Independant Guide

"We highly recommend Reconnect. Kevin is very friendly and everything he shared with us was very useful. They are very professional and reliable. We would definitely work with him again."

-Maurizio, Terasu Riviera Maya

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