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Mission Statement Ice Baths, Playa Del Carmen


We want to explore the mystery of what it means to be human. To scan the horizon of possibility and breathe deeply together as we fall into the unknown.


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Our Story

Like many others who wind up on a beach in Mexico, Kevin was struggling. Depression, anxiety, addiction, suicidal thoughts, he had them all. But meds weren't in the cards.

Then he met Sarah. And she invited him to an ice bath. That combination of breathing and cold catapulted Kevin out of his depression. But how?

The next few years were spent in books, research studies, and practice in order to answer that question. What came out of it all was Reconnect. A place where others can find a path out of despair that doesn't come with an exhaustive list of side effects.

We show people how to reclaim hold of their body and gain back control.

This isn't for everyone. Is it for you?

Kevin Connelly

Having led hundreds of travelers on adventure trips through more than a dozen countries, Kevin has a love for facilitating unique experiences. It was only after falling into a deep depression that brought him to holistic health practices like breathwork and cold therapy.

Kevin holds numerous breathwork certifications, is a wilderness first responder, and was one of the first students to work with best-selling author and breath expert James Nestor.

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Sarah Benz

In February 2021, Sarah had her first ice bath experience and never looked back. 

She fell in love with the practice and the community that surrounds it and was honored to join the Reconnect team in November 2022. 

Sarah loves encouraging people while in and out of the ice, helping people to get over their fears and to realize their own strength.

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